Tips For Creating A Low-Maintenance Garden

March 6, 2018

A garden with many plants needs a lot of maintenance work carried out regularly. However, if you have a busy lifestyle and cannot spend a lot of time pruning and staking, then a low-maintenance garden is the ideal solution. It is stylish and does give you the satisfaction of being in a garden. Here are some tips on how to create a low-maintenance garden.

Installing hard surfaces such as pathways, walls, steps, or decks in strategic locations of the garden is known as hardscaping. By introducing these hard surfaces, the need to install plants and shrubs is reduced. This provides excellent aesthetics and helps achieve your goal of a low-maintenance garden. For example, installing a wooden deck can be a cost-effective as well as an environmentally friendly solution. It is ideal to cover large areas with a deck in a small garden. Although there may be a high initial cost involved in installing a timber deck, most Sydney landscape architects suggest that it would require maintenance annually, where you will need to clean, restore, and protect the timber .

The Choice of Plants
It is nearly impossible for plants in a garden to be zero maintenance. However, with careful planning and selection, it can be converted into a low-maintenance garden. When choosing plants for garden landscaping, make sure to select those with lower height and spread at maturity, as you would like to spend less time pruning and staking. Plant bushes and ground covers utilising a weed-stifling layer that can be covered with mulch. This will reduce the effort of removing weeds, as any weed seedlings that grow from the mulch will can be removed very easily. In addition, mulch will also require less watering. If you are choosing to install a low-maintenance lawn, you have two options:

Artificial turf 
This requires zero maintenance and you don’t have to worry about not mowing the lawn! They come in a variety of styles and resemble natural grass. Like hardscaping, artificial turf can be expensive initially, but you can reap the savings in the future as you do not need to spend money on fertilisers, weed killers, or water bills.Low growing lawn – Sedums are a popular low growing lawn. They require very little maintenance. However, you will need to watch out for weeds until they are established in your garden.

Speaking to your Architect
By discussing your needs at the planning stage, your landscape architect can easily incorporate these changes into the plan and help create a beautiful dream garden that can be enjoyed even with a busy lifestyle. best-landscape